Frequently Asked Questions


 How do I submit my property?

Register with a valid Email, Password & Phone. Click "Submit Property" button on the homepage and follow the instructions.


 How often can I change the property information?

As frequently as you wish, before your property got approved.


 Forgotten login password?

From the log in page at there is a link that reads "Forgot your password?" Clicking on that link will enable you to use your email address (the one you use in You should receive a response in under 5 minutes. Be sure to check your junk folder and spam folder, if you don't see that email.


 What if I need assistance?

Our concern team is here to work with and support you. If you have additional questions, the best way to reach us is phone.

For further details please contact with us via email.



 How do I find a property? Portal is designed to make this as easy as possible. Select search for property listings and go for your search based on area, property type, minimum and maximum price. Once you've found a property you can contact directly.


 What kinds of properties are listed for sale?

Apartments, houses, garages, commercial space and many others.


 Can I search for a rental property?

Yes, you can search and choose a property for rental purpose as per availability.


 How do I know the information is accurate?

It is quite tough for to verify the accuracy of information placed on the website and we cannot accept any liability for inaccurate information. As with the purchase of any property with recommend all necessary due diligence is carried out and that professional legal advice is sought before any contract is entered into.